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Visual Branding Masterclass

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In order to attracting (paying!) ideal clients and customers, your branding needs to be aligned with your vision, values and the transformation that you provide through your products or services!

In this masterclass, we will be covering step-by-step how to redefine your brand identity and target demographic and how to create your own high-quality branding assets (think color palette, fonts, logo, etc) using an inexpensive program called Canva!

This masterclass is perfect for:

• Startups with a limited budget

• Early stage business owners bootstrapping their business while they build up their financial capital

• Those with limited or no design experience looking for a way to create a standout visual brand on their own to help them start building traction in their business

This masterclass is not for you if:

• You're looking for more complex design instruction

• You have design experience and would prefer to use programs such as Adobe Illustrator

• You have an established brand or business and are looking for a professionally designed branding solution

In addition to the class itself, you will also receive:

• An accompanying resource doc with links to everything mentioned in the masterclass

• An exclusive student discount code for other products and services to support your branding journey (for now or in the future!)